Central in the Basque Country

The Basque Country, one of the most advanced regions in the world,  ranks 81st in GDP per inhabitant out of a total of 330 OECD regions, according to a report by the Basque Government’s Directorate of Economy and Planning. It makes up 5.4% of the world’s population in high-income regions within the so-called club of the rich countries.

Located halfway between the Basque capitals, the Basque Precision Technology District enjoys a strategic position and boasts an excellent accessibility thanks to constant improvement and the main airports.

The availability of many sites and buildings that can be converted to suit any purpose make the District a place with numerous opportunities.

In addition, it has a varied MICE offer (congress spaces and ample infrastructure available to companies) both in natural and coastal environments of great value and easy-to-reach towns, with a renowned quality of life and with its own identity and culture, which make the District a unique attraction.


People working in the industry

SOURCE: Eustat. Directory of Economic Activities in the Basque Country (DIRAE).

Airports close by

Distances: Bilbao (48 Km), San Sebastián (55 Km), Vitoria (55 Km), Biarritz (100 Km)

Productivity per worker

Basque Country with respect to 100% EU-28.
FUENTE: www.spri.eus


Industrial establishments

SOURCE: Ministry of Labour and Immigration, Social Security 2018

Gross Value Added generated by the industry in the District

*Autonomous Community of the Basque Country = 24.26%
SOURCE: Eustat. Municipal GDP 2019

Precision Engineering

New fields of application

Within the framework of the estrategia RIS3 Euskadi, the Basque Precision Technology District stands out in the field of advanced manufacturing as our companies apply the most innovative 4.0 industry technologies to both manufacturing processes and products.

Specifically, precision engineering in different production areas have been and are the basis of our industrial know-how, and the main drivers of value in our industry. Transforming and adapting this technology to the new market demands, with the support of reference research centres, has enabled industry to move from the production of arms to leading-edge sectors such as aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, robotics, capital goods and the machine tool sectors.

Haz crecer tu negocio,
ven a conocernos

Industrial evolution and diversification

The Lower Deba region is one of the hubs of industrial development in the Basque Country. The manufacture of weapons was our great specialisation for centuries, and thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the people, the region was able to create new leading products and renowned companies.

The industrial diversification of the region would not have been possible without the knowledge and skills acquired over decades.

An example of this diversification are some of the companies in the District active in sectors such as health, aeronautics, aerospace and the bicycle sector. In addition, strategic associations of high technological value such as BRTA (Basque Research Technology Alliance) and Ineustar (Spanish Association of the Science Industry) are located here.

We are manufacturers

“Doing a good job” comes natural to us; travelling the world with all the products we manufacture, crossing borders has been part of our industrial culture.

The 2 research centres, 6 vocational training centres, 1 technology transfer centre, the numerous leading companies in different sectors and a complete network of ancillary industry are the main components of our industrial ecosystem.

We adapt the available production resources towards new business opportunities, creating an industrial ecosystem that allows us to tackle any type of manufacturing project.


Territorial positioning

We seek to strengthen our industrial character and position the District as a benchmark in design, development and manufacture of precision technology.


We seek to position BPTD as an international benchmark in precision technology.


We encourage partnering between member companies.


We support the creation of strategic alliances.

Creation of business activity

We promote the creation of business activity by enhancing the strategic spaces and virtues of the rich District ecosystem.


We believe in the importance of innovation processes to become international benchmarks.


We seek to attract and retain specialised talent by strengthening training capabilities.

Regional development

We support the economic, social, cultural and touristic development of the District.