tecnologías de precisión

Precision Technologies

Generating value through precision technologies

Precision technology in different production fields has been and still is our core industrial know-how. This precision technology is a great value generator of our industry. Transforming and adapting this technology to market demand, with the support of reference research centres, has enabled industry to move from the production of arms to avant-garde sectors such as robotics and automation, from simple machine tools to cutting-edge 5-axis machines or additive manufacturing.

Value-added products based on mechatronics

Companies in this sector are typically good at designing and integrating complex mechatronic systems in strategic sectors, such as machine tools, automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, energy or health, among others. Within the framework of the RIS3 strategy, the Basque Precision Technology District stands out in the field of advanced manufacturing as our companies apply the most innovative 4.0 industry technologies both to manufacturing processes and to products themselves.