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References in precision technologies

Our proven industrial experience since the 14th century is based on our ability to adapt and has made it a reference today in advanced manufacturing and precision technologies.

  • We are a territory with a special industrial concentration, as well as two reference technology centres.
  • We have leading companies in the machine tool, aeronautics, aerospace, automotive and equipment sectors.
  • Traditionally, we have an entire auxiliary industrial network that allows us to concentrate the entire value chain internally.

Unique ecosystem

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Our district in the center of the Basque Country

Located halfway between the Basque capitals, the district has a strategic position thanks to excellent communications that are constantly improving.

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Our district in numbers

Industrial establishments

SOURCE: (DIRAE-2018) Ministry of Labour and Immigration, Social Security 2018

Industrial workers

SOURCE: Directory of Economic Activities of the Basque Country (DIRAE-2018)


Productivity per worker

Basque Country over 100% of the EU-28

SOURCE: www.spri.eus-2019


Gross added value (VAB) generated by the district industry (CAE = 24.26%)

SOURCE: EUSTAT. Directory of Economic Activities of the Basque Country (DIRAE-2018)

Nearby airports

• Bilbo-Bilbao
• Donostia-San Sebastián
• Vitoria-Gasteiz
• Biarritz

We are collaborating with other business associations in the Basque Country

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