Bptd Empresa Programadora 1

Objective of the Project

Promoting the creation of new business lines, increasing entrepreneurial DNA in regional companies, and boosting regional growth, a new Entrepreneurship Program is proposed.

Objective of the Project

Bptd Empresa Programadora 2
Emprendedora 1

We provide individualized care, personalized
support and ad hoc design for each case.


Individualized itinerary to support entrepreneurial initiatives in the region.

Joint presentation and launch session.

40 hours of support for each participating company: strategic support, culture, project development, etc.

Support for funding and advice (through BIC Gipuzkoa).

Closing session and presentation of projects developed in participating companies.

Testimonies from participating companies

Mask Groupjunta 8

The program has enabled us to learn a methodology for defining our internal entrepreneurship processes, thereby gaining autonomy and agility in the development of new products and services. In addition, we've had individual counseling to work on one of them, and the learning achieved has been of great added value to HRE.

Esther Velasco

HRE Automation
Jonathan 2

The Enterprise program has helped us create a new line of business, presenting the process naturally and in an orderly manner, and we learned to see that we couldn't implement it through our business model and internal capacity.

Jonathan Raya