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Objective of the project

Respond to the challenges of BPTD business association by collaborating with other companies, both internal and external.

Objective of the project

What do we offer?

A new process to work on BPTD business cooperation projects and generate more economic activity.

Debegesa’s help + external advice

Specialized agents

Market contrast

Advice and co-creation

Accelerating projects

Cooperation agreements

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Aimed at companies with challenges of optimization or improvement
of internal processes and new lines of business.

What are the steps to follow?

Identification: Definition of the scope of the challenge and expected results. This section will specify the critical points of the challenges.

Presentation: The challenges will be presented in more detail to the other companies involved in the process.

Solutions: Co-creation sessions to define possible solutions and support external advice.

Cooperation: Definition of the road map of priority solutions through inter-enterprise cooperation.

Specialized advice: In critical aspects of challenges, companies will have expert knowledge to deepen and/or clarify specific issues.

What are the steps to follow?

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What results can you get?

The market contrast of a new product or service.

Looking for partnerships for strategic projects.

Find a partner to develop new products and services.

Contrast management experiences.

Seek funding for projects for the development of new activities.

Compare aspects that require specialized knowledge.

Testimonies from participating companies


In the BPTD Challenges programme, we have been able to further explore our SCAN service, making it a more comprehensive business model adapted to the needs of the current industrial fabric. In addition, it has enabled us to contrast the service with the associated companies and receive the necessary feedback, and has managed to adjust our product so that we can present it to different customers. We're still working with these clients in the process.

Naroa Artaraz Etxebarria

12 Esther Velasco

Through the challenge program, we have managed to hold a day with target customers to contrast our PdV of the new HRE TRAINNING digital business line, which has helped us adjust it to give the customer greater value, and has also enabled us to get closer to potential customers.

Esther Velasco

HRE Automation

The challenge program allowed us to get market feedback to define two flexible Tireless models for loading and unloading short-series machining machines. We sold the first model.

It has also enabled us to obtain feedback to develop a single bin picking value proposition, depending on the type of industry.

The challenge program has been and remains a lever in our intra-entrepreneurship strategy.

Aitor Eguren