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If you are thinking about transferring or selling your business, we will help you identify alternatives and contact organizations and/or companies that can help you in this process, or even look for companies that can help you within the Association.


  • Structured design of the opportunities generated by the generational replacement to support the district's business fabric.
  • Ensure the continuity of companies in the region.
  • Positioning yourself as a value agent in the generational relay challenge
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We went to national fairs sharing stands with the association's companies. Specifically, we've been to Metal Madrid and Metal Barcelona.


  • Give visibility to partnership companies.
  • Enhancing and strengthening trade relations.
  • Promote and strengthen partnerships between district companies
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The main objective will be to support companies in the process of digitisation, identifying the shared needs that the partnership can promote. By 2024, specific annual actions will be defined in accordance with the established plan.


  • Support for the transformation of district enterprises.
  • Promote the competitiveness of the district's industrial fabric.
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In collaboration with district training centers, we are working to align and strengthen the region's training skills with the needs of businesses. We also represent District and its companies to facilitate the identification and attraction of talent.


The aim of the project is to strengthen contact with the district's training centres through cooperation projects. That is, to deepen and facilitate an environment of sustainable cooperation, a business ecosystem – a training ecosystem – by seeking mutual support to meet the future challenges of both sides.

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Send us your CV

If you want to work at any of the companies that make up the BPTD business association, send us your CV and we'll save it for when there's an active offer.

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